Grounding Essential Oil - Coconut & Beeswax Candle - Aroma Houz
Grounding Essential Oil - Coconut & Beeswax Candle - Aroma Houz

Grounding Essential Oil - Coconut & Beeswax Candle


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100% Australian bees wax and coconut wax candle with pure essential oils.

A lovely woody & aromatic blend of sandalwood, cedar-wood & ho wood. Great to calm & quieten the mind. Sandalwood is known to soothe, strengthen and ground. Used to promote insight, mental clarity, enhance deep sleep & aid meditation.

Handcrafted in Australia from natural Aussie beeswax, 100% pure coconut wax and essential oils. CONTACT us for pre-order or custom orders.



Coconut wax is the new candle wax on the market, and combined with beeswax its definitely the healthiest option today. It’s more expensive to use, but because of it’s sustainability, excellent scent throw and even burn. It’s a pure & divine match, that’s definitely worth the paying a little more. Can burns longer, cleaner and is said to purify the air.

Coconut and beeswax is a pure, smooth, dreamy blend and by far; the best eco-friendly choice. Harvesting the coconut oil is an organic process with coconuts themselves being a sustainable high yield crop. The coconut wax is milled from every part of the coconut and the beeswax adds depth and "hardness" to the candle, adding to burn time.


  • Coconut wax candles are slow burning and luxurious.
  • The hot and cold scent throw of Coconut Candles is excellent
  • Coconut wax gets the most eco-friendly points


  • Its the highest quality premium candle wax available. It offers a golden glow & beautiful rich sweet scent from the natural honey scent in the wax, with the longest & cleanest burn of ANY candle.
  • When burnt, beeswax is known to produce negative ions which help remove pollution and allergens from the air making it  a cleaner and fresher environment for all, particularly asthma and allergen sufferers. Used as natural air purifiers and filter known to clear the air of the dust, pollen and other suspended pollutants.  In addition, Aroma Houz aromatherapy candles have the important healing benefits of the essential oils.


Approx. 1hr at a time. Allow Candle to reset before relighting. Keep wicks trimmed and wipe inside jar with a napkin after turning it out as it gets lower, if the jar blackens a bit. Be mindful the glass will be hot. So use a napkin to also hold your jar securely while you clean it. Don’t blow your candle out, simply put the lid back on, this will also stop your candle smoking.

Of course, we believe BEESWAX + COCONUT WAX remains the most environmentally friendly candle material. But we’re not just biased. Here’s why you should choose beeswax/coconut wax candles over soy candles.



While our Aroma Houz candles have a beautiful consistent natural aroma they are not over powering, and not to be confused with other toxic artificial scented candles or soy candles scented with chemically man made fragrance oils, which have no therapeutic value. Cleverly titled as aromatherapy candles.

Beeswax, as opposed to soy, is a natural byproduct from the beekeeping industry. Honey bees’ bodies regularly produce beeswax to construct the combs in their beehives. When beekeepers are ready to collect honey, they remove the wax caps of the honeycomb cells and sell the wax to us.

Rest assured, Aroma Houz only uses a 100% chemical free sustainable and healthy wax blend of beeswax and coconut wax (100% pure beeswax and 100% pure coconut wax) NO soy wax is ever used or blended with our coconut wax. Beeswax is a dense material that has a natural honey-like scent and beautiful coloring. Every batch of our candles is unique because its color and scent are determined by the batch of beeswax we use and where the bees pollinate.

Our luxury aromatherapy candles are an excellent choice for those who are highly sensitive. 



Soy candles go through several chemical treatments before they are ready for sale. And are most certainly genetically modified, despite the many claims.
In the process of making soy wax from soy oil, the oil is typically bleached and deodorized. The soy wax resulting from this process has a low melting point not suitable for anything larger than a container candle. In order to create a solid wax for votive and pillar candles, additives like paraffin and stearic acid must be blended into the candle. In the final step, fragrance oils and dyes are often added to create scented candles. Bleach, paraffin, fragrance oils, and dyes are all toxic chemicals that can be harmful when released into the air. Additionally most soy wax is not 100% soy and actually a blend of other even less healthy waxes to create the right consistency and finish.


Most soybeans are grown from genetically modified seeds. These seeds have been altered to become resistant to a herbicide, glyphosate, enabling farmers to heavily use herbicides to kill weeds without killing their soy plants.
Further, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are commonly used in commercial soybean farming practices. These chemicals pollute the environment, and traces of them may be found in the soy wax.


The soy industry is closely linked to deforestation. Soybean production has caused forests to be cleared and tilled, leading to destroyed habitats and soil erosion.
The Amazon rainforest is one of the soy industry’s biggest victims. Deforestation there suddenly rose in 2015 and is continuing to rise due to an increase in demand for soy products.


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