My soul in
every silhouette

My Story

Quite the journey

For over 30 years, my career has taken me on quite a journey in the fashion industry.

A complete

Leap of Faith

I started my first business in 2000. Despite my early success, challenges working with unethical suppliers and manufacturers soon took their toll. Before I knew it, I had lost everything.

It was an incredibly difficult time that left me feeling burnt out and disheartened. But it was also the catalyst I needed to focus on my mental health and well-being.

Focused shot of fabric rolls and textiles in the foreground with a blurred fashion designer working in the background in a studio

I immersed myself in natural remedies and holistic techniques to manage stress. 

That's when aromatherapy came into my life to grow my awareness and help me reclaim my power and inspiration.

Two bottles of Aroma Houz essential oils against a sandy rock backdrop
It all started

in search for health

As I began using essential oils to support my mental health and broaden my vision, I felt inspired to share their transformative effects with those around me.

I developed my first 12 blends guided by intuition and deep understanding of the oils' therapeutic properties. As word spread, people started asking where they could purchase my oils.

And that's how Claud Chabo was born.

A new brand

aligned with my purpose

Thanks to this journey I finally reconciled with my passion for fashion. I regained the long-lost inspiration and started designing again.

But the hard-learned lessons of integrity and caring for people have stayed with me. It's these ideas that continue to guide me and my brand vision today.

Claud Chabo market stall displaying a variety of garments under a tent

Meet me


I love meeting my customers and support them with free personal styling recommendations.

Every weekend, you can find me at pop-up markets and festivals around Sydney metro and NSW.

I’m most frequently at The Rocks Markets: Saturdays and Sundays, 9am-5pm.

Check out market locations and weekly updates on Instagram