Best Essential Oils

“From the moment you wake up & get out of bed everything you do is affecting your energy field. Keep it high frequency and remain mindful of the energy you are creating”…….. By Lalah Delia

 Hello! And welcome to the Aroma Houz online store for Aromatherapy and lifestyle lounge wear. 100% Australian owned.

It’s becoming increasingly important to care for our physical and mental wellbeing. Having the right products & knowledge is essential to maintain balance, facilitate personal growth, awareness & natural healing. The Aroma Houz, timeless “Live.Life.Style” apparel has a modern contemporary aesthetic designed for comfort and style, also motivated by the Aroma Houz culture & philosophy. And made in Australia.

Over the years, I faced difficult personal challenges. So, I turned my attention INWARDS to aromatherapy (see Aroma Houz custom essential oil blends); powerful resin incenses and centuries of ancient practices (see DIY Energy clearing kit); resulting in wonderful discoveries and allowing a conscious healthy and happy lifestyle.

Through my own personal journey of self-awareness & spiritual growth, I made it my priority to seek effective & alternative healing practices; allowing me to expand my awareness rapidly and overcome personal challenges. As a result, I facilitated my own self-healing and a very peaceful, happy state of mind.

Aroma Houz products help equip you with the most effective tools to start your healing process & journey of awareness.

 I look forward to sharing my knowledge and these amazing 100% natural, high grade essential oils and incenses; meticulously sourced to help you heal your life. All AROMA HOUZ products are ethically & sustainably sourced. Supporting local, international farmers & employing local Australians. AROMA HOUZ exclusive organic essential oil blends are all made locally by our trusted, certified Organic suppliers in Australia.

Every AROMA HOUZ product is carefully tested, guaranteed 100% pure,  prepared with love & activated to maximize your experience.

Thank you for visiting! Love and Light! Claudia Chabo